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About Event Manufactory

Team of creative and full of positive energy young people. Catch the wind sails flapping from our wings.

Action is in our blood, we say NO to passivity.
Corny, conventional and trite? Certainly not with us!
We know how to infect all by our ideas and energy.
We have the talent, willingness and passion.

We’ve added a pinch of innate abilities.
We always act in accordance with convictions.
We make each client a hero of his story.

Imagination leads us through the world’s landscape.
Thanks to our experience we will select the view best for you.

Who we are?

We would like to introduce ourselves

Dominika Kołodziejczyk

Dominika Kołodziejczyk

Just do this!

Lodz University of Technology graduate. Loving creative life, sharing her ideas with others. Slow Food and herbalism lover. Nature is the source of her inspiration.

Natalia Leroux

Natalia Leroux

Impossible? Not for her.

A graduate of the University of Lodz appreciative independent films and music of the world. During passionate hobby journeys to the undiscovered lands she collects inspirational ideas hiding them to a backpack and then smuggle them to her next projects.

Adam Biernacki

Adam Biernacki

3...2...1... Action!

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Advertising. He is passionate about analogue photography. Alfa Romeo club member. At work he uses the force of peace and calm and good mood. Always comes out last, to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Tabusław Ciumbokowski

Tabusław Ciumbokowski

Know - Hał

Work Dog School graduate. Reliable nose feels good projects. He infects the whole group his enthusiasm and color. He practices yoga, preferably in the kitchen. Gourmet of everything. Rumor has it that in his youth he belonged to Scooby’s gang.

Event manufactory

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The best ideas come unexpectedly. They know
that our doors are permanently opened for them.


Events – The sum of incidents and the power of professionalism!

Our multi-disciplinary actions in the field of organization of festivals, concerts, celebrations, fetes and fairs allow our partners to develop their possibilities.

The original open air events will be remembered for a long time leaving a taste of success.

Our spécialité de la maison!

We care for entire process of realization. From creating fairs theme to selecting proper exhibitors.

Everything is always tied up loose ends.

Organization of corporate integration parties and anniversaries. Posh and stylish.

Let us know your needs and we’ll prepare the most attractive offer.

Do you want to look good in front of the client? Exhibit at the fair and want to raise your sale? Leave it to us!
By adjusting right tools we will help you to promote your company. Cooperation with us guarantees individual care.


If you are looking for idea but you have no time, or you just want to chat – let us know!

+48 794 755 074

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